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Looking for a job in Public Affairs? Six questions you’ll want to ask at interview

It feels counter intuitive to write a piece on Public Affairs and job interviews, with Corona still raging across the globe and many holding on to their positions for dear life. Yet, for those that are having job interviews, or are starting out, I have compiled a list of questions you should definitely take with you during the interview. As seasoned veterans will agree, Public Affairs is one of the coolest jobs around (some say only rivalled by rock stardom)! [Truly!] Even so, if you start with the wrong organisation or are trapped in unworkable Public Affairs structures, it can be nothing short of a nightmare. Drawing on my own experience – and those of friends and colleagues –  I have developed a list of questions which should help you find your next great Public Affairs dream job … and dodge a Public Affairs nightmare.

If you don’t know John Harper, you know nothing about EU Affairs

Author Milos Labovic presents a personal account of his journey with John Harper Publishing.

When it comes to EU Affairs, I was blind until I met John Harper. I must admit it took me some years to get to know him – and Lord knows – I wish I had met him sooner! It would have provided me with valuable insights that would have saved me a lot of time and energy. So, who is he? We will get to that in a second. First let me explain how I met him.