The Ultimate EU Test Book Assessment Centre 2020

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This book is designed to help candidates succeed at the Assessment Centre, the final stage in selection competitions for jobs in the EU institutions. Written by experts in EPSO competitions, it explains exactly what the assessors are looking for and is packed with useful tips about how to prepare, what to do – and mistakes to avoid.

  • How the EPSO Assessment Centre works, including a typical day
  • The EPSO competencies and how they are measured
  • The exercises used to test the competencies, the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid 
  • Full sample exercises with scoring keys 
  • Recruitment & the Competency Passport 
  • Now including the Motivational Interview and much more on the Field Interview
  • Relevant for all Administrator, Assistant, Linguist and Specialist competitions
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Table of Contents


  1. The EPSO Assessment Centre
  2. The EPSO Competency Framework
  3. The In-Tray (E-tray) Exercise
  4. The Case Study
  5. The General Competency Based Interview
  6. The Oral Presentation
  7. The Group Exercise
  8. The Interview in the Field
  9. The Motivational Interview
  10. Recruitment
  11. What if You’re Not on the Reserve List?


  1. Competencies, anchors and indicators
  2. Sample In-tray (E-tray) Exercise
  3. Sample Case Study
  4. General Competency Based Interview Questions
  5. Sample Oral Presentation
  6. Sample Group Exercise
  7. Sample Motivational Interview Questions
  8. Sample Competency Passport
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Glossary

About András Baneth and Jan De Sutter

András Baneth is an author, speaker, trainer and consultant, and partner at Arboreus EU Training. He is also managing director of the Public Affairs Council’s European office.

Find out more about András Baneth and his books.

Jan De Sutter is a coach and trainer, focusing on personalised coaching and preparation for the EPSO Assessment Centre. He is a former EU official and EPSO Selection Board president.

Find out more about Jan De Sutter and his books.

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17 Mar 2020
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