Ebook FAQs

What devices can I read your ebooks on?

We supply our ebooks in PDF format which means they can be read on almost every device out there, including all Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Windows, Google Chromebook, Android, Linux, Apple iOS and Apple macOS devices.

Can I re-download my ebook again if I delete the file?

Yes, simply login to your account and visit the Downloads page where you’ll find all your purchased ebooks.

Can I download the ebook to more than one of my devices?

Yes, there are no limits to how many devices you can read your ebook on.

Can I print out pages from the ebook?

Yes, but your order number and partial order email address will show on every page.

Can I put my own bookmarks in the ebook?

This will depend on which PDF viewer / ebook app you are using. Most do support this functionality.