Winning Here, Winning There: A Handbook for local Liberal Democrats

By Christopher Hudson
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“This handbook, for local party officers and other interested members, is an important new step…a valuable guide for the experienced and inexperienced alike.” 

Mark Pack, President of the Liberal Democrats
Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on the London Assembly

“a relevant, impactful and vital guide”

Toni Brodelle, Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidates Association

This book is a practical handbook for building a Local Party – all the way from starting out and appointing your first officers through to winning your first council seats. It systematically covers all the vital knowledge you need step by step. It explains the different roles and responsibilities of party officers, how to build your data on the local electorate and target effectively, how to recruit members, canvass voters, campaign on issues, work with the wider party, and deal with the complexities of managing party finances. The book culminates in the longest chapter of all, on how to run an election campaign. For ease of use there is a detailed index and a glossary of terms.

Throughout there are helpful checklists, examples and advice based on real-world experience brought together by Christopher Hudson with the help of party members around the country. There is a particular emphasis on understanding what you explicitly MUST and MUST NOT do to ensure your local party organisation runs efficiently and complies with all the rules.

“Encouraging more good people to get involved in local politics is no easy task given the increasing cynicism and disillusionment about the direction of this country. To turn back the tide against this trend Local Parties will have to up their game … Their reach needs to be wider, their active membership more diverse, their campaigns more effective, their operation more productive. In every chapter is an outline on all the issues that a Local Party comes across in its political life to help it become the institution it needs to be in order to be part of the change.”

Christopher Hudson

Table of Contents


Foreword, by Mark Pack and Caroline Pidgeon
How to Use this Book

In defence of Local Politics

Chapter 1. The Local Party
Chapter 2. Picking Your Patch
Chapter 3. Preparation
Chapter 4. People
Chapter 5. Conference
Chapter 6. Other Parts of our Party
Chapter 7. Political Messaging and Policy
Chapter 8. Campaigning
Chapter 9. Tech
Chapter 10. Finance
Chapter 11. Election Time


Liberal Democrat Glossary
List of Resources/ Further Reading

About Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson has been a Liberal Democrat Local Party Chair, Treasurer, Agent and Regional Executive member. He has had the advice and assistance of party members from around the country in creating this handbook.

Product Details

Publication Date
18 Mar 2023
Page Count
165 x 235mm