The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2023

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FROM MAY 2023 European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) competitions are changing to a new format, with shorter timelines, some tests dropped, and new ones added. 

This 2023 Administrators edition covers the new competition process all the way through to the establishment of the Reserve List − the list of laureates eligible for recruitment to permanent posts by the EU institutions. In it you will find:

  • What the new-style EPSO Administrator competitions involve, and what has changed
  • How to maximise your chances of success
  • Methodologies, shortcuts and pitfalls in tackling the tests
  • 150 verbal reasoning practice questions with full answers
  • 165 numerical reasoning practice questions with full answers and warm-up exercise
  • 30 abstract reasoning questions with very detailed step by step solutions plus 100 more practice questions
  • NEW for 2023: the written test (case study)
  • NEW for 2023: digital literacy test
  • NEW for 2023: EU knowledge test with 100 questions

The Administrators 2023 edition is designed for candidates in EPSO AD-level open competitions from May 2023 onwards. It includes test types also found in CAST selections and internal competitions.

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing for EPSO Administrator Competitions from May 2023
  2. Succeeding in Verbal Reasoning Tests
  3. Verbal Reasoning Test
  4. Succeeding in Numerical Reasoning Tests
  5. Numerical Reasoning Warm-Up Exercise
  6. Numerical Reasoning Mixed Questions
  7. Succeeding in Abstract Reasoning Tests
  8. Abstract Reasoning Questions with Fully Worked Answers
  9. Abstract Reasoning Test
  10. The Written Test (Case Study)
  11. Digital Literacy Test
  12. EU Knowledge Test

About András Baneth

András Baneth has been the author behind the development of The Ultimate EU Test Book since its first publication, then as a single volume, in 2005. A graduate from the College of Europe in Bruges, András worked for seven years at the European Court of Justice and European Commission. He is a co-founder of EU Training (formerly known as Online EU Training) with which he remains actively engaged, and the former managing director of, and current senior adviser to, the US–based Public Affairs Council’s European office. András is also a regular speaker on EU careers, strategic communication and public affairs. His personal website is available at and his direct e-mail is

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18 May 2023 (print), 2 May 2023 (ebook)
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