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Self-Assessment and 360-Degree Feedback

You can start by completing the self-assessment forms under 'Reality'. It is in your interest to be honest with yourself; an overly optimistic view may yield the wrong results. Even though this is not mandatory, you can also ask your peers, or supervisors to complete the 360-degree feedback forms concerning you. Having feedback on how you are perceived by others will give you a better understanding of yourself. Self-improvement starts with awareness, and ends with responsibility.


As soon as the self-assessment is completed, your competency passport will be generated showing your scores for each competency. (If you also use the 360-degree feedback option you will get separate scores for that as well.) A competency passport gives a quick overview of where you stand in terms of general competencies. Simultaneously, the tool will also provide you with a Johari window (if you use the 360-degree feedback option) and a Your Priorities matrix, suggesting which things you should prioritise for improvement.

Goals and Options

Based on this information you can now start managing your goals, and explore the possible options, things you could do to attain your goals. Proceed in small steps, by setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. Think carefully about your options; you can surely find inspiration in the book, because the most relevant theoretical concepts and best practices are described.

Way Forward - or Will

Finally comes the decision on the way forward. The tool allows you to make a plan, and to follow up on it.

Cost and Feedback

The tool comes free of charge; anybody can use it, as long as he or she wants, even those who haven't bought - or read - the book. However, to get the most out of the toolkit you really need to read and learn from the book, to benefit from its practical advice and methodologies for improvement. If you are still unsure on how to proceed with your personal development you can always ask for professional advice from a development coach. The author of the book, and creator of the tool - Jan De Sutter - is willing to oblige.

Any feedback is welcome.

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