This toolkit is complementary with 'The Ultimate EU Career Development Book', written by Jan De Sutter and published by John Harper Publishing (London) in the 'Ultimate EU Test Book' series.

The book and the toolkit used together have been designed to help you assess where you are now and how to improve your core competencies - the competencies that are prized by the EU institutions and will underpin your whole future career progression. They are relevant to all EU staff, at all levels, permanent, temporary or contract and indeed to anyone with ambitions to work in the European administration.

This simple to use toolkit will equip you with invaluable insight in to your performance. You are encouraged to reflect on in-work situations and prompted to respond to multi-choice questions.

Completing your self-assessment may only take 30 minutes but to get the full benefit of this tool you will want to ensure the confidential input of colleagues. As they may be busy, it is important to reach out for a 360-degree feedback, as soon as possible.

Once you have an overview of your own performance - and how this is perceived by your colleagues - you can start building your personal development plan.

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