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It takes courage and perseverance to read the book - or use the free toolkit consistently; many people are interested indeed, and create an account - but there it stops. Few people take the time go through the book or to fill out the self-assessment questionnaires, and even fewer have the courage to go for a 360-degree assessment with their peers and friends.

When you subscribe for a 'premium' account, I will effectively monitor your behaviour inside the toolkit, and send you regular reminders. I know that you are busy - and personal development may not be on top of your mind. That is why these reminders may get you back on track again.

Even though I believe that the book and the toolkit are very comprehensive, it may still be unclear to you as to how to go about with your self-development. You may also have individual questions as regards a particular situation and I will do my best as far as is realistically possible to suggest possible courses of action to adopt - though of course the ultimate decision will always be yours.

The cost of a premium account is €10,- per month, however - in order to minimize administration - I only accept one-year subscriptions. If you have a premium account you get a substantial discount on the other coaching services (Personal Coaching and [classroom training]).

ATTENTION - Premium account purchases are non-refundable. The premium access you purchase is yours for the length of the subscription, even if you decide to cancel it. Your subscription will be renewed automatically, unless you decide to stop (send us an email to do so).

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