Coaching - Extra Services from Jan De Sutter

Along with the book - and this toolkit - I also offer coaching services to those who are interested. The focus of my coaching is your personal development of the eight 'core competencies' as described in the book and addressed by the toolkit. My offering boils down to three distinct services but you are free to mix and match to suit your personal situation and needs:

The term 'coaching' typically refers to methods of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and to manage life change and personal challenges. Coaching commonly addresses attitudes, behaviours, and knowledge, as well as skills, and can also focus on physical and spiritual development too. Coaching normally implies a sense of agreement, consent and willing participation on the part of the 'coachee' (learner/student). Coaching ideally helps a person to find their own solutions, rather than prescribing a solution from the coach's viewpoint. Unlike counselling, coaching generally looks forward significantly more than it analyses the past.

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