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The next step in requesting feedback to is sending him/her an email with a personalised link to the questionnaires regarding your general competencies. can then privately access the system and explain how he/she perceives you in terms of your general competencies.

Copy-paste the template as proposed below in your email, or write a personal message, but make sure that the link is properly mentioned, because that will be the only channel through which template again can give his/her feedback.

Dear ,

I am looking for a 360-degree feedback on my general competencies - the professional behaviour that is expected by the EU institutions in the annual appraisal report, and that is the reason why I am seeking your feedback.

Would you be so kind to complete the questionnaires you will find at:

In total there are eight competencies to assess, each composed of ten 'anchors'. This may seem a lot, but you will see that the questionnaires have an easy-to-use multiple choice format, so this will not take too much of your time.

I would much appreciate if you give your honest opinion, and don't worry, everything is strictly confidential; I will never see the details of your individual feedback but only an aggregated average of at least five persons. If - despite everything - you don't want to give feedback, you can simply decline this request by following this link:

Thank you in advance.


PS - I am using the online toolkit based on "The Ultimate EU Career Development Book" by Jan De Sutter

ATTENTION - confirm or leave this page only after you have sent your request. You should see appear in the list of requests.


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