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Is this only for EU officials?

No. Developing general competencies is important for everybody. The title of the book - and the toolkit - was inspired by the fact that I describe the 'core competencies' as defined by the EU administration. It is true that the book will be particularly useful when preparing for an EPSO exam, but already appointed officials will also find useful tips and techniques to further enhance their performance in the EU environment.

I believe that even other employees - outside the EU administration - will benefit from the information contained herein.

I have a degree, so why should I bother about soft skills?

'Soft skills' are desirable qualities that do not depend on acquired knowledge. The fact is, these skills are often undervalued as most of us believe that we do not need soft skills to achieve our goals. While your hard skills - or technical skills - can land you a job, soft skills will help you grow within your career and provide you with a better job satisfaction. Soft skills are required to manage interpersonal skills, communicate effectively, make a good impression and above all, take and ensure implementation of decisions.

Hard skills are the foundation of a successful career and soft skills are the cement.

What about my privacy?

I fully understand your concern; after all, the questions you are supposed to answer during the self-assessment probe for very intimate information. With this in mind, the toolkit was designed to provide absolute privacy for all its users:

  • you are never required to reveal your identity; you can use a nickname throughout, not your real name or your email address
  • when asking for feedback you do not have to reveal your email address to us, only to the people you ask for feedback from
  • when giving feedback yourself your detailed assessment will not be available to the subject of your feedback; he/she will only get to see average scores
We do not use cookies, IP-tracking, or any other hidden mechanism to trace back the data to you. We do not collect cookies for marketing purposes and do not pass on cookies to third parties. We do run google analytics on the whole John Harper Publishing website for broad usage information but not to identify individual users. Your sessions will be identified with a unique variable that is passed on with every page request and is disposed of after your visit.

Do I have to buy the book first?

No. The toolkit is available to everybody, for free. I consider it as an added value to the book, in the hope that people who like the toolkit will be inclined to buy the book. Simple as that.

How long can I use the toolkit?

For as long and as frequently as we provide this as a free service. The premium services are limited in time.

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