Jan De Sutter

Jan De SutterI have been passionate about technology ever since I was a kid and studied engineering for that reason. I realised only later that it was far more difficult to be a good manager than to be a good technician; it takes guts to leave your comfort zone and explore the unknown territory of business and leadership.

Throughout my entire career I was involved hands-on in leading and managing smaller and large teams, at various levels of hierarchy. Since 2013 I have been working as an independent performance coach, and in that capacity I have helped literally hundreds of people succeed the EPSO exams, the competitions that are organised on behalf of the EU institutions to select new staff.

I am a trainer and coach with wide knowledge of the public and private sectors. I have also worked as an EU official and served on EPSO assessment boards, including as a president. I have obtained input from trainers, human resources staff and other managers within and outside the EU to make sure the book deploys the widest and most up-to-date knowledge.