The European Parliament 10th Edition 2024

By Richard Corbett, Francis Jacobs, Darren Neville, with Pavel Černoch
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“a quintessential guide to the world’s only elected transnational parliament … an indispensable tool for the understanding of the institution, its history, rules and politics”

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament

“a seminal work on one of the EU’s leading institutions… a window into the history, power structures, and evolving politics within the European Parliament”

Charles Michel, President of the European Council

This fully revised 2024 tenth edition of the leading textbook on the European Parliament systematically and clearly covers every aspect of how the Parliament is elected, its internal structures and procedures, its powers and how it relates to the other EU institutions. It is an essential guide for all those working in or with the Parliament, those hoping to work at the Parliament, students of the EU institutions, and political practitioners.


Front covers of two books: "The European Parliament" and "The European Council in the Era of Crises"

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Table of Contents

  1. The Parliament in context
  2. How it is elected
  3. Where, when and in quale lingua
  4. The individual members
  5. The Political Groups
  6. Leadership structures
  7. The parliamentary committees
  8. Interparliamentary delegations
  9. Plenary
  10. Intergroups and informal groupings of members
  11. The Parliament secretariat
  12. Legislative powers
  13. Budgetary powers
  14. Appointment and dismissal
  15. Scrutiny and control of the executive
  16. Parliament as a forum and its engagement with citizens
  17. The EP and national parliaments
  18. Parliament and constitutional change

Including 64 tables and 10 figures and full index (printed book)

About Richard Corbett, Francis Jacobs, Darren Neville, with Pavel Černoch

Richard Corbett was a British MEP from 1996 to 2009 and from 2014 until Brexit in 2020. As an MEP he was, at various times, spokesperson on constitutional affairs & EU reform for the Socialist & Democrat Group, Parliament’s rapporteur on the European Constitution and on the Treaty of Lisbon, rapporteur on several overhauls of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, and Leader of the UK Labour MEPs.

Francis Jacobs worked in the European Parliament from 1979-2016 in its Committees on Constitutional Affairs, Economic and Monetary Affairs, Temporary Committee on German Unification and Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. He was later Head of the EP Information Office in Ireland.

Darren Neville has been in the European Parliament secretariat since 2008. He started as an interpreter but has spent the past decade working in and around the parliamentary committees. He currently works for the Committee on Budgets, where he is responsible for work on the 2024 budget and the mid-term revision of the multiannual financial framework.

Pavel Černoch has since 2019 been Lecturer and Facilitator of the European Parliament’s Jean Monnet Academy in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France. He was previously in the EP’s Visits & Seminars unit, explaining the functioning of the EU in general and the EP in particular to visitor groups.

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Publication Date
24 May 2024
Page Count
234 x 152mm