The European Economic and Social Committee − the House of European Organised Civil Society

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This the first complete guide to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the Brussels-based body which brings together representatives of organised civil society (employers, trade unions and other interests) from all 28 EU member states and has a consultative role with the EU legislative institutions.

Written by a former Secretary-General, the book systematically explains the EESC’s powers, internal structures and procedures, and how it works with other institutions and outside stakeholders, both in theory and practice. It includes a photo section of current and former leading figures in the EESC.

“The European Parliament has always found in the Committee a useful ally and source of expertise … I therefore welcome and commend this book, which sets out in a comprehensive and comprehensible way the many different activities and functions of the European Economic and Social Committee and how this venerable body works in practice. It will surely be of good use to anybody and everybody who works with the Committee.”

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Table of Contents

  1. A unique body: what the European Economic and Social Committee is and what it does
  2. The Committee’s members
  3. The Presidency
  4. The Bureau and the Assembly
  5. The Groups (and the Categories)
  6. The Sections, the Consultative Commission, the Subcommittees, the Observatories
  7. The Committee’s working methods
  8. Cooperation with the EU’s institutions and other bodies
  9. The EESC and national economic and social councils
  10. The Committee and external relations
  11. The budget
  12. Civil dialogue, participatory democracy and constitutional reform
  13. Communication
  14. The Secretariat-General and the Committee’s buildings
  • Bibliography
  • Subject index
  • Names index
  • Photo section

About Martin Westlake

Martin Westlake was Secretary-General of the EESC from 2008-2013.

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17 Jun 2016
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