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Sabina Lange suggests listening first then working fast

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What’s the biggest priority facing EU Public Affairs this September?

Listening broadly and yet being fast in implementing the existing, and new, solutions which will address the economic and health crises.

Which EU leader has had the best 2020 so far?

Angela Merkel

If you were giving gold stars, where would you post them?

Frans Timmermans

Tell us one surprising fact…

There were 0 (zero) reasoned opinions by National Parliaments in the EU in 2019 (down from 37 reasoned opinions received in 2018 concerning 22 different proposals or packages).

What is the survey you would like to conduct? or What is the finding or information fact you would like to establish?

On a working level, capital-to-capital networks in all stages of the EU policy cycle.

What are you reading?

“On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder.

Linked In or Twitter for you?


Who do you follow?

Mostly Think Tankers on twitter, a broad range of EU public affairs professionals on LinkedIn…

Sabina Lange is a contributing author to How the EU Institutions Work: Your handbook and guide to EU decision-making

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