Record and Review

A Word from the Publisher

Welcome to the first issue of the JHP – John Harper Publishing – Record and Review. Following the Brexit referendum, our first issue focuses on the British contribution – the positive contribution – to the European Parliament.

Britain’s Unsung Contributions to the European Parliament

As the shadow of Brexit spreads across the British contingent in the European Parliament, Sir Graham Watson, former leader of the Liberal (ALDE) group, pays his respects to some of those – Conservatives, Liberals, Labour or Green – who came from Britain and added something positive to Parliament’s powers and reputation.

“So You’re the New Mike Shackleton!”

For its first eight editions The European Parliament maintained the same authorial team of Mike Shackleton, Richard Corbett and Francis Jacobs. Here Darren Neville describes his experiences as the ‘new kid on the block’, stepping in for Mike Shackleton to co-author the ninth edition.