Influencing the Preparation of EU Legislation: A Practical Guide to Working with Impact Assessments

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This is a working tool for anyone with an interest in shaping EU legislation, including business organisations, regional and national governments, NGOs, citizen groups, law firms and public affairs professionals.The book explains:
  • Why, when and how the Commission makes Impact Assessments
  • The underlying principles and quality criteria
  • Who in the Commission is involved and at which stage
  • How stakeholders can be involved and get their issues across
  • The type of evidence that is valued by the Commission
  • The importance to stakeholders of engaging early with the Commission
  • What sort of engagement works best
  • And the mistakes stakeholders must definitely avoid
‘‘Valuable insight into how the European Commission prepares its proposals… Concrete suggestions on how stakeholders can interact with the Commission.”Dr Edmund Stoiber, Chairman of the High Level Group on Administrative Burdens
“Should be on the ‘to-read’ list of every stakeholder in Brussels”Jan Mulder MEP

Table of Contents

The detailed contents can be found in the downloadable PDF of sample text.

About Erik Akse

Erik Akse has been directly involved in over 30 Impact Assessments and has worked as a specialist on numerous Impact Assessments for the European Commission. He has also advised many stakeholders on how they can best structure their involvement in specific Impact Assessments. Erik’s eBook ‘The EU Flow: From EU policy to EU law and back’ is available from Amazon.

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December 2015 Addendum

Erik Akse has covered important recent developments in the impact assessment field in this free-to-download addendum to his book (PDF).

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5 Nov 2013
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