Europe’s Parliament: People, Places, Politics

By Stephen Clark and Julian Priestley
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“A wonderful book”Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

An insiders’ view of what the European Parliament is really like: the environment and atmosphere of Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg; the MEPs and the staff; the internal politics; the personalities; and how the work is actually done. Illustrated throughout with more than 350 photographs, this book will fascinate anyone who has ever wanted to get a flavour of what it’s like to work at the European Parliament.

“Readers will discover the workings of this institution … and also the human drama”Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors

Table of Contents

Preface, by Jacques Delors

  1. Habitats and inhabitants: Parliament and its people
  2. A Tale of Three Cities
  3. A Dash of Politics
  4. The National Question: The Unspoken Factor
  5. The French in Strasbourg: Vive la Différence!
  6. The Gift of Tongues
  7. The ‘Glittering Prizes’
  8. The Sausage Machine
  9. The Money Men: Looking after the Taxpayer’s Euro
  10. Outside the Consensus – Reformers, Sceptics, Crusaders and Stars
  11. Life’s Rich Pageant
  12. The ‘Deep State’: the Influence of Permanent Officials
  13. Love, Love Me Do – Communicating the European Parliament


About Stephen Clark and Julian Priestley

Stephen Clark joined the administration of the European Parliament in 1991, and is now the Parliament’s Director for relations with citizens.

Sir Julian Priestley (1950-2017) was Secretary General of the Parliament from 1997 until 2007, then becoming a prominent speaker, writer and adviser on European affairs. He died in April 2017.

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Publication Date
21 Mar 2012
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