What information do we collect and what for?

Registration information. We need to identify you, and be able to contact you. We also need your legal identity for order confirmation and invoicing.

Session cookies. We do not collect cookies, and do not pass on cookies to third parties. We do run Google analytics for broad usage information but not to identify individual users.

Log files. Log files allow us to record the usage of this site. They contain no personal information, nor information about which other sites you have visited. They allow us to improve the service by knowing its usage, and are processed anonymously.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep all your data as long as you are registered. We delete the information immediately after you requested your unregistration.

Who can access your data?

Only you have access to your data. Our systems administrators have access to your data for the purpose of keeping the service running. They are submitted to the legal obligations of the European Data Protection Directive, and must identify themselves (login/password) for these operations.

Safeguarding your data

Our servers have a 99.9% uptime and we make a daily backup of the entire database.