Why Attend?

This masterclass helps you to identify the skills you need to enhance your employability prospects, raise your confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life. You will most certainly benefit if you are:

 An enthusiastic student, about to graduate in any academic discipline
 A smart academic, hesitant to make the leap to the business world
 A rookie trainee, making the first steps into the world of work
 An eager job seeker, wondering what really matters to employers
 A young professional, struggling with a new and strange environment
 A seasoned employee, about to be promoted into a leadership position
 An inspired HR person, in charge of talent management in your organisation
 Any professional, willing to improve her performance at work
 Any person yearning for a more fulfilling job, and a better life

In this masterclass you will learn about a competency framework directly applicable to the work environment, and be put on the right track for further development of your general competencies.

"I wish I could have had this when I started my career" - Vivien, Hungary